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Indoor Siren

Last update: January 2nd, 2024.

The wireless alarm sirens with loud sounds and flashing lights are designed to grab attention of your community and scare off any vandals effectively.

1. Siren Performanceโ€‹

Type of notificationโ€‹

  • Sound & Strobe

Sound volume levelโ€‹

  • Adjustable: 85 dB / 95 dB /105 dB

Alarm durationโ€‹

  • Adjustable: 1s ~ 15mins (90s by default)

2. Featuresโ€‹

Volume testโ€‹

  • Support

Tamper protectionโ€‹

  • Rear

Remote setting and testingโ€‹

  • Setting and testing from RB Link App

Advanced featuresโ€‹

  • Power up enrolling

    When siren is powered up, it will automatically start paring to the hub nearby

  • Find me

    When enabled, the siren starts flashing green, which can help identify the siren from numerous devices.

  • Signal strength detection

    When enabled, siren starts flashing green/orange/red showing the wireless signal strength between the hub at current installation site.

  • Low battery notification


  • Alarm: Flashing Red
  • Find me: Flashing Green
  • Signal strength:
    • Flashing Green: signal strength is strong, and is recommended to install device here
    • Flashing Orange: signal strength is medium and device can be installed here
    • Flashing Red: signal strength is bad or no signal, and device can not be installed here

3. RBF wireless technologyโ€‹

Wireless signal rangeโ€‹

  • Up to 1,900 m in an open space with hub
  • Two-way communication with hub

Frequency bandsโ€‹

  • RBAD-SI1-868: 863 ~ 870 MHz

  • RBAD-SI1-915: 902 ~ 928 MHz

    Depends on sales region.

Wireless signal modulationโ€‹

  • FSK / DSSS

Encrypted communicationโ€‹

  • All the data transmitted are protected by AES-CCM encryption with a random key.

Frequency hopping (FHSS)โ€‹

  • To prevent radio interference and radio signal interception.

Time division multiple access (TDMA)โ€‹

  • With the help of clock synchronization technology, hub will slice time into different division for different RBF wireless devices. In this way, all devices will communicate with hub in a sequence.

4. Electrical Characteristicsโ€‹

Power Supplyโ€‹

  • 3.7V Lithium battery (470mAh) with external charger
  • Up to 2 years (standby mode)

5. Generalโ€‹

Operation Temperatureโ€‹

  • From -10ยฐะก to +55ยฐะก (14ยฐF to 131ยฐF)

Operation Humidityโ€‹

  • From 10% to 90%

Storage Temperatureโ€‹

  • From -20ยฐC to 60ยฐC (-4ยฐF to 140ยฐF)


  • ฮฆ80 ร— 34 mm


  • 90 g

6. Compatibilityโ€‹

  • Operates with all Roombanker Home Security Hubs, RBF repeaters.

7. Complete setโ€‹

Indoor Sirenร— 1
Power Adaptorร— 1
Screw packageร— 1
3M Adhesive (pre-installed)ร— 1
Quick Start Guideร— 1

8. Additional informationโ€‹

Available modelsโ€‹

  • RBAD-SI1-868 (EU)

    with EU Standard Adapter included

  • RBAD-SI1-868 (UK)

    with UK Standard Adapter included

  • RBAD-SI1-915

    with US Standard Adapter included


  • CE, CB
  • FCC
  • LOA
  • RCM
  • NOM
  • Anatel


  • Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale.