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Home Security Hub (Pico)

Last update: December 23th, 2023.

Smart Hub is the powerful brain of RoomBanker Security & Automation system, enabling you to connect a variety of sensors and peripherals and then DIY your own security solution in a flexible and easy-to-use way.

1. Capacity

Wireless peripherals

  • Supports up to 64 devices(RBF devices only)
    Specifically, up to 1 alarm keypad, 2 sirens, 32 keyfobs, 1 repeaters


  • Up to 69 users

    User TypeQuantity
    Super Admin× 1
    Admin× 4
    App User× 32
    Local User× 32

Automation scenes

  • Up to 64 custom scenes
    Alarm responses / Scheduled actions / Security mode changing reactions / Temperature changing reactions / Humidity changing reactions / Reactions to pressing Button


  • Up to 64 rooms

2. Wireless communication

RBF communication technology

Innovative and Proprietary wireless communication technology to transmit information.

Key features:

  • Ultra-long communication range.(Up to 3.5km@open area)
  • Two-way communication.
  • AES-CCM encryption featuring a random key.
  • OTA by wireless.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote control via RB Link App.

Frequency bands

  • RBGW-101-868: 863 ~ 870 MHz

  • RBGW-101-915: 902 ~ 928 MHz
    Depends on sales region.

Wireless signal modulation

  • FSK / DSSS

Wireless signal range

  • Up to 3,500m (in open space) Between the hub and connected devices.
    Maximum range depends on the connected device.

Encrypted communication

  • All the data transmitted are protected by AES-CCM encryption with a random key.

Frequency hopping (FHSS)

  • Up to 50 channels available to prevent radio interference and radio signal interception.

Time division multiple access (TDMA)

  • With the help of clock synchronization technology, hub will slice time into different division for different RBF wireless devices. In this way, all devices will communicate with hub in a sequence.

3. Internet connection


  • 1 × RJ45 Ethernet connector: 10/100 Mbps.


  • 2.4G, 802.11 b/g/n

Communication channels prioritization

  1. Ethernet

  2. Wi-Fi

    Backup between Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

4. Notifications

Supported notification types

  • App notification Push

5. Power Supply

External plug

  • Type-C, DC5V, 2A

6. Anti-sabotage

Tamper alarm

The system receives notifications about attempts to detach the device from the surface or remove it from the mounting panel.


The users receive notifications in case of jamming or when the hub loses connection with the devices.

7. General


  • 150mm × 150mm × 37mm


  • 260 g

Operating temperature range

  • from −10°C to +45°C

8. Complete set

Home Security Hub with mounting panel× 1
Power Plug with Type-C cable (1m)× 1
Ethernet cable× 1
Screw package× 1
Quick Start Guide× 1
screwdriver× 1

9. Additional information

Available models

HubModel NameRBFZigbeeEthernetWi-FiGPRSLTE


  • CE, CB
  • FCC
  • LOA
  • RCM
  • NOM
  • Anatel

User manual


  • Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale.