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Indoor Siren

1. Appearance


2. Packaging List


3. Add Indoor Siren

  1. Click Home Security Hub , then click "+" and select "Add peripheral" .

  2. Plug in the cable and press the Indoor Siren-Icon to power up the device , the green indicator will flash and the device will show in the App.

    *Note: If the device does not show in the App and green indicator is off , please press and hold the register button for 5s to try again.

  3. Assign a room and click the "Done" to finish adding.


4. Testing Instruction

Signal Strength Test

Click " 资源 15@4x "→ "Signal Strength Test"→ " 资源 16@4x " to check signal strength.


Volume Test

Click " 资源 15@4x "→ "Volume Test"→ " 资源 16@4x " to test volume.

Indoor Siren-4

5. Installation Instruction

Mount on the wall by screws



Mount by 3M adhesive strip


6. Device Specifications

Alarm Buzzer85dB/95dB/105dB
Advanced FeaturesSignal Strength detection,Find me
Tamper ProtectionRear
Transmission TechnologyRBF Wireless Transmission
Transmission Frequency868/915 MHz
Transmission Range(Open Space)1900 m
Advanced TechAES-128 Encryption, FHSS, TDMA
Power Supply3.7 V Lithium battery with external power plug
Operation Temperature-10°C to 55°C (14 °F to 131 °F)
Dimension(W x H x D)Φ80×34 mm
Weight90 g
Application ScenarioIndoor