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PIR Sensor

1. Appearance


2. Packaging List


3. Add PIR Sensor

  1. Click Home Security Hub , then click "+" and select "Add peripheral" .

  2. Pull out the insulation strip to power up the device , the green indicator will flash and the device will show in the App.

    *Note: If the device does not show in the App and green indicator is off , please press and hold the register button for 5s to try again.

  3. Assign a room and click the "Done" to finish adding.


4. Testing Instruction

Signal Strength Test

Click " 资源 15@4x "→ "Signal Strength Test"→ " 资源 16@4x " to check signal strength.

Installation test

Click " 资源 15@4x "→"Installation test" to start testing.

*Note: You can walk around to trigger the PIR,if indicator flashes RED, that means it is working properly.


5. Installation Instruction

Mount on the wall by bracket





Mount by 3M adhesive strip


*Note: This installation method does not support tamper detection.

6. Device Specifications

Detection MethodPassive Infrared
Detection Performance12m, 110°
Pet Immunity10kg
White Light Filter2000lux
Advanced FeaturesDigital Processing,Digital Temperature Compensation, Signal Strength Detection,Find me,Dynamic Threshold
Tamper ProtectionRear (Triggered when cardan shaft is removed from the PIR sensor.)
Transmission TechnologyRBF Wireless Transmission
Transmission Frequency868/915 MHz
Transmission Range(Open Space)3100 m
Advanced TechAES-128 Encryption,FHSS,TDMA
Power SupplyCR123A × 1,Up to 5 years (standby mode)
Dimension (W x H x D)114.7 mm x 61.2 mm x 43.8 mm
Weight102 g
Mounting Height1.8 m to 2.4 m
Application ScenarioIndoor